Water Damage & Floor Repair in Ballarat

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Restore flooded floors with our repair services in Ballarat

Water damage may happen only once but without professional treatment, this problem will carry a negative impact on your home for years to come.
Luckily, Nifty Floor Repair’s team in Ballarat has your back covered.

Flood Restoration in Ballarat

Nifty Floor Repair is not only a flood restoration company. We understand the bacteria that comes with flood damages. That’s why we design our services not only to restore a flooded carpet but to return safely in your home for your family and guests.

Flood damages quickly turn to structural damages for your home. That’s why we are available 24/7. Our emergency flood restoration team in Ballarat is always ready to help. We make no compromise with our homes and deliver the same attitude to our customers when they reach out for our services.

Between a simple flooded basement and a home that requires special flood damage restoration stands time. In order to avoid the latter, Nifty Floor Repair works even on weekends to assure that small water damage doesn’t have enough time to turn into a big problem.

Is the restoration process safe?

Yes, we use all the best tools – effective but harmless for your property and its residents.

I have a flood at home, do I have to wait till Monday?

No. It is advised to tackle such problems as quickly as possible. Nifty Floor Repair offers flood restoration on weekends and bank holidays too.

Ballarat Flood Restoration
Ballarat Water Extraction

Water Extraction in Ballarat

Water damage restoration is a process that varies depending on your property characteristics. Some measures are not useful in certain situations. Our floor repair specialists will evaluate the damage in your home and craft a plan to extract the floodwater.

A proper water extraction usually involves furniture moving. Carpeting, baseboard, drywall and many household items may need to be displaced. However, our team in Ballarat will assist you in all of this. We are the water extraction company that delivers more than the basic service.

Water damage may turn into big trouble for the residents if it is not treated on time. Nifty Floor repair works 24/7 and even on bank holidays so that our customers can book a water extraction service at any time.

How much do you charge for water extraction?

We have flexible rates to fit all budgets. However, we don’t overcharge for holidays or weekends.

How can I get quotes?

Give us a call, all information that we will give is non-binding.

Drying Services in Ballarat

Our drying services in Ballarat are not only a great finish to the overall water restoration process but they also come with many benefits for the home and its residents. Performing such drying service requires thoughtful technicians who will inspect baseboard and other parts of the interior for residue water.

Failing to deliver a top-notch drying service means that warping of floors, swelling of hardwood, cracks in walls, and damaged furniture are on their way to cause you more problems in the near future. We use the best tools on the market such as high-speed air movers to assure that the evaporation is done as quickly as possible.

You may think that drying services are optional but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many times, such treatments have prevented mould, damages to the furniture and even harmful bacteria from spreading into the homes of our customers.

How much does it cost?

It is easy to speculate with drying services, however Nifty Floor Repair will not do that. You pay only for what you get – a flawless result. We don’t charge per hour, we just work until the job is done.

How do you perform such a service?

First, we measure the humidity and room specifications. After this, we select the number of tools used to suck out the moisture. During the process, we monitor with special moisture methods until we reach a perfect and satisfying result.

Ballarat Flood Drying Services

Why choose Nifty Floor Repair in Ballarat

Hiring a team from Nifty means that you will receive 100 % satisfaction. We have the latest industry innovations and tested methods under our belts to take the burden of flood restoration off the shoulders of our customers.

24/7 Service

We are available every day! You can call us even on weekends and bank holidays for a same day water restoration.

Expert approach

We take pride in our work and gain satisfaction from our clients’ happy faces.

Affordable rates

We offer prices suitable for every budget. Give us a call – our quotes are non-binding.

Reliable Flood Repair & Restoration Technicians in Ballarat

Do not waste your time dealing with water damages. Time is very important and can be crucial for preventing a simple flood to cause more future complications for your home. With Nifty’s Floor Repair team in Ballarat, you now don’t have to wait for skilful technicians from another area.
To deliver the best services we rely on all the best tools and machinery. We craft a different approach towards every situation considering all the specifications of the property. Our teams will not leave your home unless they receive your 100% approval.
Don’t compromise the time you could spend with your family trying to restore flood damages. Leave the chores for you us and enjoy the flawless result afterwards.

Ballarat Flood Repair Service

William Templeton

“Unbelievable! Nifty’s team did a great job. I definitely recommend this company to anyone searching
for flood restoration services.”

Alannah Gocher

“100% satisfied, they even helped me with the moving of the furniture. In the evening the flood water was long gone from my property. ”


Do you charge extra on holidays?

No, we don’t have any additional fees nor for the weekends nor for bank holidays.

When are you available?

Our teams are available 24/7 to answer any of our customers’ flood problems.

Are your rates fixed or flexible?

No, we offer flexible rates so that our services are affordable to anyone.

Why is Nifty Floor Repair so popular?

We strive to deliver excellent services at an affordable rate. This formula never fails to earn us new clients and keep the old ones as well.

Book a water damage & floor repair in Ballarat today!