Water Damage & Floor Repair in Canberra

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Restore flooded floors with our repair services in Canberra

How can you know if your flood damage is going to be reversed? The answer – by choosing our flood cleanup services.
No matter if it is an emergency or just a regular flood cleanup, our Canberra team will turn your flood damages into a distant memory.

Flood Restoration in Canberra

Flood damage restoration services are first-class in Canberra. How do we know that? Nifty’s Floor Repair team keeps earning loyal clients after every emergency flood restoration. We base our success on the happy faces of our customers.

We make sure that the flood restoration cleaning we offer also takes care of unwanted bacteria that comes with water damage. That’s why we are one of the few flood restoration companies that provide further security for your family after dealing with the immediate accident. Our flood services in Canberra always come on time.

Some structural problems in the home occur from poorly executed flood restoration services. Our professional water damage restoration in Canberra is performed by experts who know how to avoid that and deprive you of such unwanted problems in the future.

Is it expensive to use top-notch services?

No, Nifty Floor Repair’s pricing for water damage restoration is suitable for every budget.

I have a tight schedule, can I still book your service?

Yes, we have flexible working hours to fit our customers’ schedules.

Canberra Flood Restoration Service
Canberra Water Extraction Service

Water Extraction in Canberra

Weekends are for rest, right? Not if you are presented with a carpet in need of water extraction. Luckily, our emergency water extraction is not only available for Canberra but is also done by the best technicians in the area. We will even help you with the moving of furniture and don’t worry – we work on bank holidays too.

We strive to deliver the best water damage repairs in Canberra and that’s why we approach each case differently. We examine the challenges and characteristics of your property. Only then do we proceed with the right water extraction method that will not leave any complications for you in the future.

Unexpected events such as flood damage do not warn us in advance. That’s why we work even on bank holidays to assure that residents in Canberra will get water extraction services at any time of the year.

Do you offer additional services?

Yes, Nifty Floor Repair also offers flood damage restoration and drying.

Do you work on holidays?

Yes, we work throughout the whole year with no added fees for holidays or weekends.

Drying Services in Canberra

Accidents happen all the time and those with water are even more frequent. After the water extraction usually, there is a lot of moisture that cannot evaporate. Meet Nifty Floor Repair – we offer the best drying services in Canberra.

Even our expert approach is not enough to eliminate unwanted moisture. But our experience has taught us what can be done. That’s why we use high-speed air movers and industrial-grade machinery to kiss the residue water goodbye.

Warping of floors, swelling of hardwood, cracks in walls, and damaged furniture are often caused by moisture left from flood or other water damage. It is important to hire a professional in order to successfully prevent these complications. However, keep in mind that water comes with bacteria and will not make a compromise in executing the drying service.

How is the service performed?

First, we determine the optimal number of dehumidifiers by examining the room size, temperature, humidity etc. Only then do we proceed with the actual moisture removing. We will also carefully monitor the process using special moisture meters.

Do you offer additional survices?

Yes, our activities cover all types of flood restoration services. From water extraction of a carpet to emergency flood damage restoration – we deal with all water-related problems.

Canberra Flood Drying Services

Why choose Nifty Floor Repair in Canberra?

To deliver a solution for all flood damages. Our restoration, extraction and drying services are backed by the best technicians and industry-grade machinery. Here are some other benefits that you will get when choosing Nifty.

‘Round the clock

No more waiting for a specialist to come after the long weekends. Nifty’s experts are available 24/7 and on bank holidays too.

Flawless Result

Our experienced teams know how to tackle any flood-related challenge. You will also be pleased with the rates we offer.

No Extra Fees

You pay only for the service. Nifty’s flood restoration comes with no fees for weekends and holidays.

Experienced floor repair technicians in your area

From carpet water removal or any other flood restoration service, our team in Canberra is eager to turn every emergency into a distant memory.
Water comes with many side-problems such as bacteria. But not in Canberra where Nifty’s technicians will make sure every client’s home is treated so that no risks for the health of the family will be present after the service.
We hire only proven experts in each of our teams and we are confident to admit that our Canberra technicians will leave you mesmerised how such a problem could have ended so soon.

Canberra Floor Repair Service

Owen Foveaux

“I’m in a loss of words after seeing what these guys did. My home was restored in no time and the surface was dried. I could hardly believe that I had a flood the same day.“

Summer Burdett

“Not that I wish to have a second flood-related problem. However, I will once again book Nifty’s service.“


Do you guarantee customer satisfaction?

Absolutely! Our workers will not leave the address unless the client has given his final approval for their work.

I suffered a Flood. Should I be worried?

It depends… But if you rely on Nifty for your flood restoration there is nothing to worry about.

Do you work 24/7?

Yes, but that’s not all. We are also available to our customers on weekends and bank holidays as well.

I'm hesitant, how can I get a quote?

Just give us a call or reach out to us through our website – we give useful information and possible pricing for the service that you would need.

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