Water Damage & Floor Repair in Geelong

Nifty Floor Repair is your one-stop-shop for floor restoration and damage repair.
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Restore flooded floors with our repair services in Geelong

Water damage may be caused by various reasons but one thing is the same – the flawless result that our clients in Geelong will receive.
No more worrying about the safety of your home, we will take care of the problem no matter the level of challenges that come with it.

Flood Restoration in Geelong

Our flood damage restoration team in Geelong is available 24/7 to tackle any emergency caused by floods in your home or office. But accidents don’t follow a schedule, that’s why we are also open on holidays to deliver you all of the flood restoration services every time you need them.

Restoration and cleanup companies understand that floods come with other hazards as well. Nifty Floor Repair incorporates all the necessary flood restoration services to eliminate these risks from your home and family.

Nifty Floor Repair has experienced local teams for Geelong. Skillful and quick treatment enables home-owners to avoid future structural damages caused by water from floods.

Is it possible to get a quote about this service?

Yes, you can ask us about any water removal service. Our quotes are non-binding.

How can I know that the technicians will succeed in their task?

Our teams are comprised of professionals and will not leave your property unless you give them a final approval of their work.

Geelong Flood Restoration
Geelong Water Extraction Service

Water Extraction in Geelong

When it comes to water damage restoration in Geelong – our local team is available 24/7. We take pride in our work and are happy to deliver water extraction services to your carpet, home or business.

Water extraction is not a simple service. In order to be successful sometimes the furniture of the flooded area needs to be relocated to a different part of the home. Our experts in flood extraction know how challenging this may be so they will gladly assist you with this task.

Book a service from Nifty Floor Repair and you will get top-notch results. We care for every customer and examine each case with care. Then we figure out a plan to comply with our client’s needs and the challenges of the given situation.

Do you work on holidays?

Yes, we work throughout the whole year with no added fees for holidays or weekends.

Do you offer additional services?

Yes, Nifty Floor Repair also offers flood damage restoration and drying.

Drying Services in Geelong

Arguably the most important part of any flood water restoration is the drying. Our drying service in Geelong is backed by the most advanced tools. We even use high-speed air movers to artificially speed up the evaporation of the moisture.

Sometimes it is not only enough to discard the water. We have to secure that no warping of floors, swelling of hardwood, cracks in walls, and damaged furniture will occur. In this way Nifty Floor Repair saves you additional money on future works on your damaged furniture.

Apart from our affordable rates our restoration, water extraction and drying services are known in Geelong area for their efficiency. We fully understand that improper treatment may result into mold and bacteria which comes with it’s own perils for the health of your loved ones.

What long does a dehumidification process take?

This process takes a few days to be thoroughly completed and our teams follow a scientific approach to perform their drying service so that there is no moisture left on your property

How do you perform this service?

To determine the optimal numbers of dehumidifiers needed we take into account different specifications. Some of them are temperature, relative humidity, and room measures. During the process we carefully monitor the progress using special moisture meters.

Geelong Flood Drying Services

Why choose Nifty Floor Repair in Geelong?

For our loyal customers it is easy to choose Nifty Floor Repair services over and over again. Here are some of the perks you will get from Nifty if you are a new client or a regular one.

24/7 Availability

Your emergency is our job. Our flexible schedule enables us to help you with any unexpected flood.

Guaranteed Results

We won’t leave your property until both the team and you are satisfied with the result.

No Extra Fees

You pay only for the service. Nifty’s flood restoration comes with no fees for weekends and holidays.

The Ultimate Water Restoration Team in Geelong

Flood water comes with many secondary complications. On top of that bacteria can germinate and put your family to a further risk. Nut don’t worry. Our experts in the area of Geelong will bring you top-notch services.
Whether it is a flooded carpet in need of water extraction or a dehumidification. We well tackle the task with care and bring you the best results. Our teem in Geelong has earned us many loyal clients and will surely meet all of your expectations.
We work 24/7 with no days off to assure that our clients flood problems will stay in the past. Give us a call and see it for yourself.

Geelong Flood Restoration Specialists

Alexandra Young

“I had an accident at home and needed quick water extraction. Nifty’s team came fast and did the job in no time. I was expecting guests the same night and when they came there wasn’t a single trace of the flood from the morning.”

Toby Cowie

“I booked a service after I read the positive comments about this company. Definitely got what I expected.I was pleasantly surprised by the prices as well.”


Do you have additional fees for weekend services or bank holidays?

Under no occasion will we charge our customers with “extras” because our company understands the unpredictable nature of floods and water accidents.

I have an emergency, when can I call you?

Nifty Floor Repair is an emergency flood restoration company that works 24/7 with no exceptions even for bank holidays.

How do you charge: per hour or for the end result?

We focus on the satisfaction of the client which comes with the end result. That’s why we only charge for the successful restoration and not the hours needed for its realization.

What are the advantages when choosing Nifty?

Affordable rates and flexible schedule to fit every client. We also use latest industry innovations and tested practices from our technician’s work experience.

Book water damage & floor repair services in Geelong today!