Water Damage & Floor Repair in Gold Coast

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Restore flooded floors with our repair services in Gold Coast

You have a flood damage and need cleanup services? But how to choose a company when you really need a complex treatment?
From the flooded basement to the carpet cleanup, Nifty Floor Repair will bring you all the flood cleanup services you are looking for.

Flood Restoration in Gold Coast

Flood water damage turns into an emergency only if the flood cleanup takes too long to finish. That’s why it is best to search for flood restoration companies near your area. Luckily, with Nifty Floor Repair in Gold Coast, flood damage is no longer a problem.

Structural problems often result in flood damages and improper water cleanup. Our restoration services offer remedies to all of that. With a diligent team in Gold Coast, your house will avoid all post-flood risks.

Health hazards often threaten the residents after the flood water is gone. This is the reason why homeowners need to be very careful when choosing a flood restoration company. Nifty Floor Repair works 24/7 to ensure the bacteria and viruses from floods don’t get enough time to germinate.

Is it expensive to use top-notch services?

No, Nifty’s Floor Repair pricing for water damage restoration is suitable for every budget.

I have a tight schedule, can I still book your service?

Yes, we have flexible working hours to fit our customers’ schedules. We also offer same-day services.

Gold Coast Flood Restoration
Gold Coast Water Extraction Service

Water Extraction in Gold Coast

Time is the solutions to all problems, right? Not if we consider flood water, where postponing the water extraction may be crucial for preventing further problems. But don’t worry! Nifty Floor Repair is open 24/7 and available even on weekends and bank holidays.

Some cases may require different approaches. That’s why before starting the water extraction process we take in mind all the specific characteristic of the area. In this way, we manage to offer better services than the other water extraction companies in Gold Coast.

We are not afraid to go the extra mile. We will gladly help you with the displacing of any furniture that needs to be moved. We strive to deliver the best results while eliminating all of the burdens from the owner.

How much do you charge for water extraction?

We have flexible rates to fit all budgets. However, we don’t overcharge for holidays or weekends.

How can I get quotes?

Give us a call, all information that we will give is non-binding.

Drying Services in Gold Coast

Living in Gold Coast comes with many benefits, but one of the best is to have a handful of skilled technicians around. Nifty’s drying services will make sure that warping of floors, swelling of hardwood, cracks in walls, and damaged furniture all stay something unseen in your home. Our efforts are backed by two important things. First, it is our expertise which enabled us to test and try every trick in the book when it comes to mould. Second – the tools that we use. Latest innovations and industry-grade machinery will deliver better results than every action done simply by hand. We even use high-speed air movers, to make the process of dehumidification quicker and more effective. This is also done to prevent harmful bacteria from appearing in your home. Such thoughtful service is seldom seen but don’t forget that this is what you get when you book drying services with Nifty.

How much does it cost?

It is easy to speculate with drying services, however Nifty Floor Repair will not to that. You pay only for what you get – a flawless result. We don’t charge per hour we just work until the job is done.

How do you perform such a service?

First, we measure the humidity and rooms specifications to figure out the number of dehumidifiers needed. We will monitor the process with special moisture meters until we reach the data describing a perfect and satisfying result.

Gold Coast Flood Drying Services

Why choose Nifty Floor Repair in Gold Coast?

Floods, water accidents, moisture – there are many reasons to consider the services of a water damage restoration company. With Nifty Floor Repair, the result Is only one – perfection. Here are some other reasons that could make you consider booking our services.

No Days Off

Floods are unexpected and can occur at any time. That’s why we don’t charge any extras for weekends and holidays.

No Compromise

Each homeowner wants his property to be a perfect fit for them and their family. Nifty’s approach will be the same.

No Hidden Fees

Your post-flood restoration may cost cheaper than you think. We only charge for the full service and not the hours spent on the solution.

Professional Flood Restoration Technicians for Gold Coast

When it comes to flood water, it is better no not rely on DIY methods. Our team in Gold Coast will provide you with all the water restoration services needed. We understand that floods happen unexpectedly. So we offer our help 24/7 with no days off even on holidays.
One of the benefits of a local flood repair team is that you no longer have to wait while watching how the unwanted water turns your home into a mess. We are quick and effective and soon the accident will just be a distant memory.
You would never expose your loved ones to perils and risks. The same goes with moisture in your home. Residual water may bring bacteria but our flood restoration team in Gold Coast will make sure that this scenario won’t occur.

Gold Coast Flood Restoring Specialists

Jordan Abigail

“A friend of mine recommended me this company. Can’t believe the end result. They were flawless on each step of the cleaning process.”

Savannah Curmi

“I read their site and thought it is too good to be true. Still I made a call and booked a service from their catalogue. I cannot stress it enough – they really practice what they preach.”


Am I obliged to book a service if I call?

Not at all. We can give you information and quotes without you having to book any of our services.

I want to book a service, when should I call?

As soon as you see flood water on your property. Don’t wait for the water to cause any damage.

I suffered a Flood. Should I be worried?

Depends… But if you rely on Nifty for your flood restoration there is nothing to worry about.

Are the rates of your services fixed?

No, we strive to be flexible with pricing in order to make our water damage restoration services more affordable for each client.

Book a water damage & floor repair service in Gold Coast today!