Water Damage & Floor Repair in Hobart

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Restore flooded floors with our repair services in Hobart

Wondering which cleanup company is for water removal of a flooded basement and which one for an emergency flood cleanup?
Our company’s team in Hobart offers all flood damage services with the same flawless result.

Flood Restoration in Hobart

No matter if it is a flooded carpet or bigger flood damage, Nifty’s team in Hobart is the only flood restoration company you need. We work 24/7 and deliver top-notch services with no days off even on bank holidays.

Emergency flood restoration should also consider the unwanted side effects of water damage. Further structural problems can be avoided by choosing the right flood restoration company. Often the sole reason more water damages occur is the absence of local teams in your area. Our experts in flood and water damage restoration in Hobart will ensure this is not the case with your situation.

For water damage restoration we strive to also tackle the bacteria and germs that often come with flood damage. This enables our clients to fully trust us not only for the immediate cleanup but also for preventing future health risks after the flood.

Do I have to book several days in advance?

No, give us a call and we can arrange a same day service. You can also count on flood emergency services in Hobart.

How to prepare for this service?

During the call we will give you initial tips on what to do before our team arrives.

Flood Restoration in Tasmania
Tasmania Flood Water Extraction Service

Water Extraction in Hobart

If there is one thing uniting Hobart with the rest of Australia it is that no matter the flood, both places can get proper water extraction. Our team is available 24/7 to quickly expel the unwanted water before it gets a chance to do any more damage to your property.

Water extraction is the most important step for a proper flood restoration procedure. In order to deliver top-notch services, Nifty Floor Repair employs only the best technicians with rich portfolios of flood restoration projects.

One thing to keep in mind if you suffer from unexpected flooding is time. In other words – the sooner you remove the water the better. We are happy to offer our water extraction services even on weekends and bank holidays so that you can quickly return your home to its former glory.

Do you offer addtional services?

Nifty Floor Repair has other services as well. We offer drying services and flood water restoration for your home and business.

I am not sure if I want to make an appointment. Can I still ask for quotes?

Sure, from simple carpet water removal to more complex flood water restoration – we are willing to give advice to anyone who calls our number. Don’t hesitate to ask for quotes because our offers are non-binding.

Drying Services in Hobart

Many superlatives could be said about Nifty Floor Repairs. But the truth is that we are just like our customers. Would you compromise on the health and safety of your family? No. We also don’t make any compromise in executing our drying service to assure that residue moisture won’t bring any bacteria in your home.

Other complications may appear as well, such as warping of floors, swelling of hardwood, cracks in walls, and damaged furniture. In order to prevent all of this, we use the best machinery on the market and even high-speed air movers to facilitate and accelerate the process.

But don’t believe our word – order our drying service and see it for yourself. You would be amazed by the end result. And did we mention that we will do it faster than the other flood restoration companies on the market as well?

How do you perform this service?

To determine the optimal numbers of dehumidifiers needed we take into account different specifications. Some of them are temperature, relative humidity, and room measures. During the process, we carefully monitor the progress using special moisture meters.

How much does it take to de-moisturise?

The time needed to evaporate the water varies for each case. However, with Nifty Floor Repair, the drying service is going to be performed as fast and successful as possible.

Tasmania Flood Drying Services

Why choose Nifty Floor Repair in Hobart?

Hiring a team from Nifty Floor Repair guarantees your complete satisfaction. Our technicians are fully licensed, insured, and equipped with cutting-edge tools and machinery. Here are other good reasons why you should call us right away:

Flexible Rates

No overcharging or per hour fees, we offer prices suitable for every budget. Give us a call – our quotes are non-binding.

Expert Approach

We take pride in our work and gain satisfaction from our clients’ happy faces. We put our best tools to use in order to meet each need of our customers.

24/7 Service

We are available every day! You can call us even on weekends and bank holidays. We accept same day bookings as well.

Experienced floor repair technicians in your area

Best tools, industry-grade machinery, perfect result, our technicians in Hobart will be at the front door just minutes after you call us and describe your problem. And they will not leave until the job is properly done.
No one is safe from floods and water comes with many side-problems such as bacteria. But not in Hobart, where Nifty’s technicians will make sure every client’s home is treated so that no risks for the health of the family will be nonexistent.
Our teams also incorporate the latest industry innovations to and will thoroughly deal with all residual moisture so that your furniture will stay intact.

Tasmania Floor Repair Services

Hannah Whitton

“I own a small business and was about to sell the property when it got flooded inside. I read some reviews about Nifty and decided to give it a try. The result was flawless and fast and the client didn’t even notice I had an accident in the morning. “

Chelsea Friend

“ I am still unable to comprehend what and how the team managed to deal with my problem. And the technicians were very kind, I recommend them on 100%.”


Are the rates of your services fixed?

No, we strive to be flexible with pricing in order to make our water damage restoration services more affordable for each client.

How do you charge: per hour or for the end result?

We focus on the satisfaction of the client which comes with the end result. That’s why we only charge for the successful restoration and not the hours needed for its realisation.

I want to book a service, when should I call?

As soon as you see flood water on your property. Don’t wait for the water to cause any more damage.

Do you charge extra on holidays?

No, we don’t have any additional fees for the weekends or for bank holidays.

Book water damage & floor repair in Hobart today!